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  • Portraits @OFFF 2014 in Barcelona by Alejandra Vargas Díaz

    Normally I am not into portraits. Not because I don’t like it, but because I very often feel shy about shooting other people. However, this day I was shooting some colleges with my new pancake lens which is awesome!!! And I have to say, I love random shootings, where people are relaxed and not thinking… oh camera posing.

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  • The Collage Series will be shown this September 20th at a Vernissage at The night of the Museums | Der Nacht den Museen
    Milchbar - 22hrs. | Herwarthstrasse 7 Münster, NRW Germany
    The pieces displayed will be on for Sale

    Alejandra Vargas Díaz - Photography Art
    Kat - Graphic
    Christina Kölsch
    - Graphic
    Music by:
    Philipp Schmidt
    Phil on Sofa
    Sarah Naiva & Yannic
    Strati - Poetry
    Daria Deemare & Partner - Dance

    DER VVK läuft!

    littleTEASER und die rote Rakete - 20.09.2014 - Kunst, Musik und Sensationen. Die Großstadt Sternfahrt.

    Könnt ihr eure Tickets in der

    - 655321 milchbar (Herwarthstraße 7)
    - Weinbar Idéal- Café und Tapas (Beginengasse 12)
    - Die Marmeladenmanufaktur (Blücherstrasse 16) erstehen.

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  • basilepesso: Hi Alejandra, check your FB's link to the event, it doesn't work :)

    Ey! Thanks! Yes I think FB was out for a couple of minutes. Now it’s working again. Thank you so much! I love all your comments ^_^

  • A sunshine surprise invitation made by Little Teaser to participate with my Photography art work at a Vernissage at Der Nacht den Museen (The night of the Museums)!!! How cool is that?!

    Where? - Milchbar - Herwarthstrasse 7 Münster, NRW Germany
    When? - 20th of September 2014 starting at 22:00hrs.
    Thanks to Philipp Schmidt for that!

  • up forward by Alejandra Vargas Díaz

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  • Ding magazine - GIVEAWAY


    The girls from D!NG magazine are doing it pretty good! Check this out!

  • angular by Alejandra Vargas Díaz

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